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What is an Island Trade Show Booth?

You have many options when you are planning your trade show booth design. While having such a variety of choices is a good thing, it can also make choosing one more difficult. One option that is unique and that has many benefits is an island booth. Below, we explain more about this option and how your business can benefit from it.


What are Island Trade Show Booths?

Island trade show booths are situated right in the middle of the aisles at a trade show. This means it is exposed on all four sides, allowing for foot traffic from any direction to stop by and see what you have to offer. Just like other types of trade show booths, island booths come in many different sizes and they have many different design features. An island trade show booth may be a bit costlier than other types of booths, but they are one of the best options for increasing brand exposure while also having one of the most versatile types of designs.


Benefits of Island Trade Show Booths

Island trade show booths have many benefits. The biggest of these are as follows:

  • Versatile: Unlike many other types of trade show booths, an island gives you four sides to work with. This allows you to bring more creativity into the design of the booth. For example, one side of your booth may be where visitors can go to take part in a promotion you are offering. Another side can feature a product demonstration, while another could showcase your products. The last side could then be used as a point of sale.
  • Increased foot traffic: Trade show attendees are more likely to visit your booth when you have many points of entry that all provide visual stimuli. It is important to have staff members facing customers on all sides, as they can welcome guests and introduce them to your company. Choosing the right location for your booth is of the utmost importance when designing your booth.
  • Increased attention: You have more surface area you can use to grab the attention of attendees when you use an island booth. You can use features such as LCD screen displays, fabric graphics, music, and lighting to draw people in. You can also showcase your logo and brand message on all four sides, as opposed to the limited space with closed-in booths.
  • Customer service: A trade show is a great place to find new leads, but you can also attract existing customers to your space. Use one of the sides on an island booth as a customer service center for customers who have questions, a problem with the product, or another issue. This will show your customers that you still care about them, even when trying to expand your customer base.

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