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7 Trade Show Marketing Materials for a Successful Exhibit

Every company in a trade show strives to stand out from the competition. Not only do you need to be seen, but you also need to maintain your visitor’s attention once you have it. Although attractive signage can entice people into your booth, you need something that helps you convert them into actual clients.

Thus, one of the best trade show booth marketing ideas is to use marketing materials.

Why Do You Need Trade Show Marketing Material?

It is easy to dismiss the importance of printing trade show marketing materials for an exhibit, especially in today’s electronic age. However, equipping your booth with both electronic and print marketing material could increase your chances of making a lasting impression on potential clients.

Through interactive brochures, booklets, banners, and wall clings, you can tell your company’s story or advertise a new product.

Additionally, marketing materials:

  •         Help you appear relatable
  •         Provide a basis for interaction
  •         Attract visitors to your booth and entice them to engage with you
  •         Offer quick and accurate information or instruction
  •         Make a lasting impression

What Marketing Materials Should You Add to Your Booth?

Nothing advertises your brand better than limitless print materials. Nonetheless, you can’t accomplish all your goals with a single set of brochures or cards. You need to create a package of marketing materials that work collectively to help you achieve results.

Here are seven trade show marketing materials you can include in your trade show booth:

Banner Displays

Banners provide you with the opportunity to be creative with your brand’s story. At a glance, a banner display should convey creativity, inspiration, professionalism, or boldness.

You can use them to share information, display your logo, or invite people to your booth. Either way, a display banner is a surefire way to get traffic flowing towards your display.


With brochures, you can stylishly provide vital information. As you play around with shape, size, color, and texture, you can highlight data such as selling points, product and personnel introductions, and brand history.

You can also share advice, tips, and tricks that endear you to your customers.

Sale Invite Forms

Sale invite forms allow you to build quotes, take an order, or design an order example. Make sure you create custom, memorable, and attractive forms that include information about your brand’s mission and purchasing process.

You can also throw in a stack of print sign-up forms to help you gather client information while sharing your story.


Branded notepads add a touch of personalization to your exhibit. Because of all the noise in trade shows, you can use them to better communicate with your visitors through handwritten outlines or explanations.


Brochures can be cumbersome, and some clients will likely lose them before they get home. Print out enough sleek and stylish postcards that supplement your brochures but also display sufficient product and service information.

Business Cards

Add business cards that have your contact information and a strong call to action to your catalog. Keep them professional but memorable, so you remain on your clients’ minds.

Swag Bags

People love freebies, and you should use this to your advantage. You can design useful items such as branded keychains or magnets that display your logo and contact information.

Final Thoughts

First impressions are the lifeblood of trade show displays. You only get one chance to attract, excite, and inform passersby about your brand. Contact ExpoMarketing today for more trade show booth marketing ideas or assistance getting the best out of your trade show marketing materials. We have plenty of resources if you’re interested in learning more on how to successfully market your trade show.

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