Natural Products Expo West Trade Show Booths

Trade Show Spotlight: Natural Products Expo West

About the Show

Exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience and share your company’s passion for your natural products. If you are a manufacturer, producer, or distributor of a natural/organic product, this is a show that you do not want to miss, with it being the largest event of its type in the world. NPEW has a higher policy standard than your typical attendee show rules, ensuring you are meeting with qualified buyers at the show.

Whether you are a first time exhibitor or a returning exhibitor, you will have the chance to demonstrate to over 80,000 attendees ranging from industry leaders and innovators. This show gives you the unique opportunity to present your brand face to face with potential clients at a very high volume. Usually held in February/March at the Anaheim Convention Center, which has recently expanded North Halls making this show bigger than ever.

trade show booths at NPEW

Company: EnviroMedica

 Booth Size: 8 x 20 

Show: NPEW 2017 

Description: This booth is a perfect example of using a lightbox strategically in your booth space. Adding the lightbox gives this booth great lighting, impactful graphics, and grabs attendees' attention. Adding clear shelving and a reception counter provides useful product display.


The Convention Center is a short drive down the freeway from our location. Our close proximity will significantly cut down your shipping costs allowing you to focus on your design and not worry about high shipping charges.

More of Our Work From NPEW

Trade show booths at Natural Products Expo West


Company: High Brew Coffee

Booth Size: 10 x 30

Show: NPEW 2018 

Description: This layout gives you plenty of space to meet with clients and store any products that need to be handed out as samples. This booth includes unique custom pieces, as well as a custom lightbox to show off advertisement images and shelves to display products.

Company: Pacific Coast Producers 

Booth Size: 10 x 25

Show: NPEW 2018

Description: With a show like NPEW it is crucial to have a place in your booth for your products to be displayed and sampled by your audience. This booth completes both functions by incorporating the custom shelves and reception counter. The customized elements in this display also express the brand’s image with the rustic wood and industrial piping.

How We Can Help Your Company

We have helped first-time NPEW exhibitors as well as returning veterans, and we would like the chance to help you achieve your goals too! Feel free to contact us to start creating your next NPEW booth.