Trade Show Coordination

Peace of Mind Exhibiting

At ExpoMarketing, we strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind that only comes from feeling completely taken care of. Our team is with you through every step of the process, holding your hand and guiding you towards the end goal: a successful show. With our trade show coordination services, our team works with you, step by step, to make sure all necessary services are ordered for your booth.

Trade Show Coordinator

We’re an extension of your team

From the moment we begin our business partnership, our team is committed to helping you recognize and avoid potential issues before they arise.  Your team will be paired with a dedicated trade show coordinator to assist and guide you through your trade show journey. At ExpoMarketing, we understand that trade shows are far easier said than done, so your coordinator works directly with you and your team to ensure a smooth process from conception to dismantling.

Take the guesswork out

One of the most time consuming and tedious aspects of exhibiting at a trade show is figuring out all your show service forms. It can be a complicated and overwhelming to sort through the kit and determine what needs to be filled out and submitted while trying to meet different deadlines. Fortunately, this is exactly what your trade show coordinator is there for. We prepare and submit required forms to respective vendors in time to meet deadlines and also track confirmations. Other services we facilitate are shipping and booth labor. Coordinating these critical services around the show schedule can be a long and arduous process and any mistakes could be detrimental to your trade show success.


Exhibit with Confidence

Soon after the conclusion of the event, our team works directly with you to ensure that the process was the best it could be. We value the relationships we build with our clients and your success is our number one priority.