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About the show:

If you are in the pet industry, you have probably heard of the Global Pet Expo. It is one of the largest pet trade shows in the world. This show brings together thousands of companies and buyers to Orlando to launch the newest products in the industry. Two pet industry associations present this show every year; The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). This global event is not open to the public, making it an exclusive show for industry professionals!

Show Stats:

  • Over 1,000 Exhibitors
  • Introducing 3,000 new products
  • And over 7,000 qualified pet industry buyers

Attendees and Exhibitors include:

  • Independent Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Mass-Market Buyers
  • And Other Industry Pet Professionals!


This show is held annually at the Orange County Convention Center around late winter/early spring. The show includes tons of exhibit space at one of the largest convention centers in the U.S, with more than 2 million Sq. Ft.! This show consists of a wide range of pet type products such as cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, fish, birds, and other small animals. Exhibitors will also have the chance to see how their products rank amongst the most innovative in the world. The Global Pet Expo gives out awards for the best new products and a retailer excellence award!

GLOBAL PET EXPO Exhibitor info:

Here you will find additional information for exhibitors and show date information.


Since this show is usually a product-oriented trade show, many exhibitors will require a booth that has plenty of display areas and shelves to launch their products effectively! That’s where we come in! We have years of experience designing and building exhibits for this show and know what exhibitors need in their booth space. This show is an excellent opportunity to allow your products to be seen by thousands of industry-leading buyers! We know this is a unique industry, and we want to custom design a trade show booth that is uniquely yours!

Are you ready to start your exhibit process? Contact us and we can help you through your journey!


How your trade show booth can help you achieve your business goals:

It’s crucial to stand out from the crowd with a creatively designed trade show booth. You can also use your exhibit to accomplish your other trade show goals such as educating potential clients about your new products, network with industry leaders, address your company’s position in the marketplace, demonstrate your products, and gather qualified leads. Your booth design and layout are a significant contributor to the success you can have at your trade show – and we want to help you make that happen!

Our Process:

Once your company has a booth space from the show and a confirmed budget, we can connect you with one of our Account Executives. Our Account Executives will go over our process, timeframe, and budget to make sure we are a possible fit for your company. Next, we will set up a design called with our exhibit designer to go over your design style and your booth requirements. Once the design is approved, we will send you a proposal with all of the details of your booth, including shipping and labor. Before your booth ships out, you will have the chance to see it either through video or in our warehouse. If you’d like additional supervising during set up, we offer on-site supervision, as an extra service option.



No matter how big or small your booth space is at Global Pet Expo, we can design the perfect booth that any furry friend would love!

Our booth design resources and capabilities include:

  • Custom Product Displays
  • Hanging Signs
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Private or Semi-Private Conference Rooms
  • High-End Demonstration Capabilities
  • Specialty Lighting
  • And More!

If you would like to view more of our exhibit designs, click here to view our portfolio! Or if you would like to read about our clients’ experience working with us, please click here to see our testimonial page.

If you are ready to begin your next trade show program for Global Pet Expo, click here to get in contact with us!