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RSA is one of the biggest conferences in the security industry. This show will give you a chance to network and learn about the newest technologies. With the rapidly changing technologies dealing with cybersecurity, it has become an increasingly important issue for companies to stay on top of their cybersecurity. If you are in the security industry this is an optimal opportunity to meet with many other companies and a chance for you to stand out from your competitors.

If you are a startup company in this industry, RSA has created a unique expo just for these companies. This is where rookies can get in front of investors to show off their product or service. If you are an established exhibitor, this show allows for ample room, having the expo in both South and North Hall locations. RSA is usually held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA in April.

example of THALES RSA trade show conference display, double deck booth

Company: Thales

 Booth Size: 20 x 30 

Show: RSA 2017 

Description: This double deck exhibit provides two meeting spaces to meet with clients privately. Outside, kiosk stations are conveniently located for audiences to gather information about the company. This layout optimizes the booth area and provides quiet meetings spaces away from the show floor activity. The height of this booth also presents an impact on the show floor.

The Moscone Center is a few hours, by truck, from our location,  greatly reducing your shipping cost compared to out of state exhibit houses.

More of Our Work From RSA

How do you make a booth interesting for the RSA conference?

To stand out at the RSA conference, consider adding an interactive element to your booth to capture people’s interest. Giveaways are also a popular way to get people’s attention. Visual features that stand out such as towers, backlit displays, or other unique features will also go a long way to catch people’s eye.

If interested, check out our portfolio of trade show displays.

Thinair trade show display example for RSA conference


Company: Thin Air Labs 

Booth Size: 10 x 10

Show: RSA 2017

Description: This 10×10 booth effectively displays products in the colorful LED light displays. A product display is crucial for companies like Thin Air with products in the cyber industry. These displays brighten the booth and draw the audience’s attention to their products, which is the focus for the company.

Company: CounterTack

Booth Size: 20 x 20 

Show: RSA 2016

Description: For most tech trade shows, exhibitors will need some kiosk stations. This booth incorporates multiple stations and countertops. The accent lighting in the semi-private meeting room gives this display a warm and inviting feel, which creates a welcoming presence for potential clients to visit the booth.  

Trade show booths at RSA Conference


With our experienced staff and extensive history of producing booths at this show, we will be able to help you achieve your business goals at the show, and tailor your booth to your specific needs. We are dedicated to creating booths that impress, motivate, and excite your audience! If you need help coordinating your next show at RSA contact us to create a free exhibit design concept.

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