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Adapting to Covid-19

It’s no secret that the current pandemic has significantly impacted businesses worldwide. The exhibition and entertainment industries have seen numerous event cancellations. No one knows when this crisis will be over. This uncertainty calls for excellent planning and flexibility to adapt to the new ‘normal.’

So,cHowever, this will require rigorous planning and shifting tactics. You should, therefore, consider renting or purchasing outdoor portable trade show displays.

At ExpoMarketing, we recognize the need to keep both the customers and staff safe. Therefore, we are now providing “COVID-19 supplies,” which include sneeze guards, sanitization tents, outdoor signs, and banners. We also have backdrops for professionals working from home; who need to market their businesses during the virtual meetings.

If you are planning on having outdoor displays, you must take note of a few things. First, you must remember that the weather is continuously changing; however, this does not mean that it’s entirely beyond your control. You should consider pitching an overhead tent above your outdoor trade show display to protect you and your customers. You should also include branded bottled water as part of your marketing strategy.

No one likes to think about unfavorable weather. However, it’s advisable to have a backup plan in case it gets too windy, or it starts raining in the middle of your display. Having waterproof materials as well as anchors for your trade show displays will ensure that none of your equipment gets destroyed.

You should also research the area where you’ll set up your booth. For instance, if you set up your tent next to a sidewalk, you may want to place sidewalk art. Also, you could use the path as a game board for customers to play and win prizes. If your set up is next to a power source, you could add lights to attract the attendees.