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Trade Show Budget

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Apr 26

Should You Rent Your Next Trade Show Display?

By Patrick Suh

Trade show rental displays can have situational benefits. In some situations, renting a booth may even be a more budget-conscious decision. If you are a startup business looking to test out the trade show scene, for example, renting provides you with the flexibility to try out a marketing strategy until... read more →

Oct 27

7 Ways to Revive Your Old Trade Show Display

By ExpoMarketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Attending trade shows and conferences can get costly very quickly, especially when it comes to your company’s tradeshow display. If your trade show display has started to show wear and tear, you can save a lot of money by sprucing it up instead of buying a brand new one. This... read more →

Feb 20

The Basics of Formulating a Trade Show Budget

By ExpoMarketing

One of the most unpredictable parts of attending a trade show is the projected cost. While trade show veterans have experienced enough to establish an accurate budget, rookie exhibitors are often blindsided by unexpected fees. Creating a trade show budget takes time and focus; to ensure all bases are covered,... read more →