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Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Modular Trade Show Displays

Whether you have just started looking around for a trade show display, or you have had one for many years, you know they are an investment. You need a display that will inform attendees about your business. You also want a display that is high quality and durable, but you do not want to spend your entire marketing budget on it. For these reasons, portable modular trade show displays are becoming increasingly popular. 


If you are like most business owners, you have many questions about these types of displays. Below, our experts outline some of the most frequently asked questions we hear, and the answers to them.


What are Portable Modular Displays?

Portable modular displays consist of a lightweight frame and walls made out of panels. A number of features can also be added to portable modular displays including kiosks, shelves, and banners. Portable modular displays are made of separate pieces so when you arrive at a trade show, you simply have to piece them together. The fact that the pieces are separate make it very easy to move and ship them.


Are Portable Modular Displays Customizable?

One of the reasons portable modular displays are becoming so popular is because of the high level of customization they provide. Every piece of these displays is completely customizable, so you can include your own unique touch into any and every element of your display. You can add custom graphics to the fabric panels, or incorporate digital technology for demos and more.


Can You Upgrade a Portable Modular Display?

Customization and upgrades go hand in hand and as such, you can add more features to your portable modular display very easily. You can do this when you are ordering your original sign, or years later. Some of the most common upgrades include banner stands, a kiosk station, shelves, and more.


How Much Do Portable Modular Displays Cost?

As with anything else, the cost of a portable modular display depends on the type you want, as well as any additional features or add-ons you choose. Of course, smaller exhibits will cost less than larger exhibits. Generally speaking, however, portable modular exhibits are more affordable than others for two reasons. The first is that these displays use lightweight materials and they also use fewer of them. Portable modular displays are also incredibly versatile, so they are an economical choice that allows you to make changes in the future.


What Options Do Portable Modular Displays Offer?

Portable modular displays have unlimited options. There are hundreds of configurations, designs, and potential set-ups for you to choose from, and this does not even include adding customized text or graphics.


Call to Learn More About Our Portable Modular Displays

At ExpoMarketing, we create portable modular displays that can effectively get your brand’s message across, and we offer them at great price points. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to speak to one of our experts and to find the portable display that is right for you.

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