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How to Create an Interactive Trade Show Booth

Of all the ways to engage trade show visitors and get them to stop at your booth, using interactive elements is one of the best. When considering interactive elements, it is not always easy to know where to begin. Below, we have provided some ideas for interactive trade show booths that can help get your own brainstorming started.


Make a Collage

You can capture the interest of visitors to your trade show booth by asking them to contribute to a collage. Focus on something that represents your brand and try to get as many attendees to participate as possible. 

For example, you can ask all visitors the same question and have them write their answer on a small piece of paper. At the start of the show you can use the first few answers to start a collage that represents your brand. As the show progresses, you can use additional answers to contribute to the collage. By the end you will have a beautiful branded piece you can showcase on social media and through other channels.


Set Up Miniature Games

If your trade show booth has enough space, you may want to consider setting up a miniature basketball hoop or a small putting green. This is a fun way to get people interacting within your booth. You can let visitors play just for fun, or you can make it into a competition and hand out prizes, which may be a sample of your product. Print your brand’s logo on basketballs or golf balls to really make an impression.


Create a Puzzle

Have a new product you are trying to sell or promote at the trade show? Turn it into a large puzzle visitors can work on throughout the day. As more people visit your booth, the puzzle will come together and showcase the new product. You can also use your company’s logo or another on-brand photograph.


Turn Your Banner Into a Game

Your branded banner can do much more than just showcase your business name and logo. You can turn your banner into a game into a number of different ways to really connect with visitors and get them engaged. For example, you can cut holes in your branded banner and turn it into a beanbag toss. Use your brand’s logo, a new product, or your business name as the holes and give each one a corresponding prize. Visitors will love it and you will expand your reach far beyond the trade show.


Turn the Show Into a Scavenger Hunt

You can turn the entire trade show into one big scavenger hunt and give prizes to people who find everything first. Think of common things you find at trade shows such as brochures, a free sample of something, and business cards. Hand out cards with the list or clues inside your booth and the first person or the first few people to find everything wins a prize, which is preferably a branded product.


Our Trade Show Booths are Interactive

At ExpoMarketing, we can create trade show booths that are interactive and that will really spark the interest of anyone who visits your exhibit. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more about the type of space we can create for you.