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How to Design a Dynamic Trade Show Booth on a Small Budget

There are few better ways to promote your business and get your brand’s messaging out there than attending a trade show. However, as anyone who has been to one before will tell you, it can be an investment. There are virtually no limits on the elements you can include within your booth and it can become expensive. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep the costs down. Below are the best ways to design a dynamic trade show booth on a small budget.


Customized Tablecloths

Customized tablecloths are a great option for your trade show booth design. With a customized tablecloth, your booth will be eye-catching, more presentable, and will effectively promote your brand. There are many different types of customized tablecloths you can use. Some businesses use a graphic that covers the entire fabric, while others simply place their logo on a background that is a solid color. You can also choose from a form-fitting stretch tablecloth or one that is more traditional and is a standard drape style.


Using Retractable Banner Stands

Many of the displays you see at trade show displays are retractable banners. These trade show booth displays are extremely popular. They have a base from which the banner rolls out of for assembly and it rolls back in for storage. As companies often travel from one trade show to another, these banner stands are both convenient and compact, making traveling with them even easier. Retractable banner stands can be displayed on tabletops, floors, and as backdrop displays.


Photo Booths

Having a photo booth within your booth is a great way to attract attention and create excitement about your display. You can create an entire booth, a simple backdrop, or use cardboard cutouts. Regardless of the style you choose, make sure that it relates to your brand. If you have a mascot, create a cutout that visitors can sit or stand with and take a photo. You can allow attendees to take selfies and ask them to post the photos to Facebook or Twitter with relevant hashtags.


Do Not Overlook Lighting

Using trade show lighting is a very affordable way to catch the attention of visitors walking past your booth. You can use backlighting on custom posters or have lights installed inside the frame. You can also use your own LED lights inside of your booth to showcase certain displays. LED lights have many benefits for businesses that attend trade shows. The bulbs last a long time and are easy to replace and they are very bright and more likely to attract attention.


Our Trade Show Booths are Attractive and Affordable

Even with a small budget you can design the right trade show booth that will interest visitors and help make your exhibition a success. At ExpoMarketing, our dynamic booths are affordable, will tell your brand’s story, and will last for many years to come. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or fill out our online form to learn more about the options we offer and which one is right for you.