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5 Benefits of Portable Trade Show Displays

Trade show retail displays are a fundamental part of the marketing strategy of any brand. Trade shows and exhibitions not only help you promote your services or products; they also help you connect with your clientele directly.

From upcoming companies to seasoned businesses, any brand can benefit from using a portable display in their trade shows. A portable display will help you broadcast your company’s message conveniently and effectively. Here are some benefits of using portable trade show displays:

They are Affordable

Trade show retails are built on a marketing budget. Utilizing a portable display instead of a custom one will cut your budget significantly, which is good news for small to mid-sized companies. Portable displays are lightweight and relatively small, meaning; they cost less and ship quickly. Secondly, the installation, assembly, and transportation of these displays is relatively cheap.

Additionally, portable displays are designed to withstand the rigors of consistent use and travel. Buying one is making an investment that will last years.

They Have an Impressive Appearance

Being affordable does not mean that portable displays compromise on quality. Portable displays help you create a lasting impression on your clients. They are visually compelling, and many of them have impressive graphic backgrounds. Portable displays are also highly customizable with display options ranging from columns, arches, and stands to accessories like counters, kiosks, and lights.

ExpoMarketing offers a Medallion line of portable displays made of high quality, wrinkle-free fabric. The screens display vibrant graphics on impressive backgrounds and expert finishing. These portable displays will help you provide attendees with the ultimate trade show experience.

They Save Time

Using a modular display can inflate your drayage fees. Portable displays are a convenient option because they are light and easy to assemble. Their simplicity means that you can do most of the assembly and maintenance yourself. You do not need to employ the show’s staff to help you move your display, or even have them around in case the display falls apart.

With all the time you save by using a portable display, you can focus on preparing your presentation for your trade show retail display.

They Are Flexible

In some instances, you may need to put your display to multiple uses outside the traditional trade show setting. Luckily, portable displays are made from lightweight materials compact enough to be transported in the back of an SUV.

Consequently, you can customize your portable trade show retail displays to fit any exhibition. You or a member of your team can adapt the screen to suit a corporate function, conference, recruitment fair, or company mixer.

They can be Easily Revised and Updated

Every brand changes its marketing plans from season to season or from one product cycle to another. Portable displays are designed to address this eventuality. Changing the message on a screen is very straightforward. You can alter the message or graphics on your display in no time. This means you can have multiple settings in one trade show retail display. This strategy is guaranteed to keep your audience intrigued and coming back for more.

Your trade show retail displays can make or break your company, so make sure to give them the attention they deserve.  

At ExpoMarketing, we understand the versatility and efficiency provided by portable displays, which is why we provide you with high quality, affordable, and highly adaptable portable display options.

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