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5 Things to Consider for a Successful Joint-Booth Trade Show Kiosk Display

Trade show kiosk displays have always been a critical marketing tool for most organizations regardless of their differences in financial footing.

The success of a trade show display is another matter entirely that is dependent on several factors. These factors may include understanding the target audience, and having an upper edge over your competitors through rigorous research and market intelligence.

There are two ways in which a company may choose to set up their trade show kiosk display. The first one is the individual booth display, which entails advertising the firm’s profile, products, and services.

The second form of display is the joint booth kiosk display, where a firm shares the booth section with the marketing company that provided the trade show services. Joint booth displays can result in failure if not executed flawlessly.


What to Consider for a Successful Trade Show Kiosk

Here is a list of things to consider before choosing to mount a joint booth kiosk display.

Are Your Goals and Objectives Being Met?

Each company sets specific targets when choosing to participate in a trade show kiosk display. Individual booths are more comfortable since the objectives are clear to all the staff. Joint booths are, however, challenging because no company is the same. You may find that one company is targeting international clients, while the other is targeting the local market.

Pre- and Post-Show Planning

Joint booth displays require working with different staff from two companies that have a different working culture. The marketing experience differs, which could end up jeopardizing the goal. Small details such as dress code and product displays and demonstrations are essential for a successful kiosk display.

Size of The Firm

Trade shows can, at times, turn out to be chaotic. It, therefore, becomes daunting for a smaller firm sharing a booth with a much bigger one. The larger firm may overshadow the smaller one, by exhibiting more products and by also occupying much of the space.

Financial Capability

More prominent firms tend to have a marketing department as well as higher budgets set aside for marketing. Smaller firms will spend less on marketing due to their reliance on one-on-one settings.

To mitigate this, small firms can choose to use individual booths by reaching out to display design companies such as ExpoMarketing, which offer rental displays at an affordable price. ExpoMarketing recognizes the economic ramifications of purchasing a trade show kiosk display. Therefore, they provide customized rental displays without compromising on the quality.

Overall Performance

As mentioned earlier, having a joint booth may affect the targets, planning process, actual display as well as lead to high financial costs. Furthermore, a firm’s top management involvement in the trade show display has a significant impact on the overall performance.

Joint booths could attract more people, create vast networks, and lead to high sales for one firm at the expense of the other.

Finally, evidence shows that companies’ motivation to choose the joint booth route is due to financial reasons. This is why companies such as ExpoMarketing tailor-make their services to suit both small and fortune 500 enterprises.

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