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Are 10′ x 20′ Backlit Displays Worth the investment?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As you walk down the trade show floor, you pass booth after booth with poor lighting, graphics that you can barely make out, and booths that just don’t look professional.  Suddenly, you come across a showstopper–a beacon of light that draws you in.  You can’t help but be attracted to that booth.  You examine the booth closely to see what exactly sets this booth apart from the rest.  It’s an inline display just like the others.  It’s not any bigger or taller than the displays around it.  What exactly does make this booth so remarkable?  The answer:  Lighting.

Even though this booth might be a typical size and shape, it is backlit–making it’s stunning graphics pop from across the trade show floor.  Backlit trade show displays are proven to stand out.  Studies show that their graphics are easily visible from greater distances compared to other, non-backlit booths.  So what is a backlit display? And should your company invest in one??

Backlit displays consist of high-resolution graphics printed on special material that is lit up by LED lights behind the display.  Also referred to as light boxes, these displays are stunning once lit up.

Advantages of Purchasing a 10 x 20 Backlit Display
A lot of companies overlook lighting when planning their trade show exhibit.  Many people come to the trade show floor with displays that are dark and unlit.  These display graphics are harder to see and appear uninviting.  Since most displays on a trade show floor are not backlit, your unique 10 x 20 backlit display will attract people’s attention and help you stand out from the rest.

Types of Backlit Displays
Backlit displays come in all sizes.  You can use these displays in a 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 inline exhibit or a much larger island exhibit. Modular options are also available.  There are double sided backlit displays and even angled backlit graphics.

Backlit displays are highly versatile.  You can mount monitors on backlit displays, attach shelving, and add other accessories.  Some backlit display components can be mixed and matched with non-backlit display components.  There are tool-less backlit displays, and portable backlit displays available as well.

Common Pitfalls When Purchasing a 10 x 20 Backlit Display
Backlit displays are stunning and definitely worth the investment, but what should you consider when purchasing a display?  The first thing you need to know is that not all backlit displays are created equally.

Hot Spots
When you are purchasing a backlit display for its spectacular visual effects, the last thing you want is to see shadows marring your beautiful display.  To avoid this, make sure to purchase a high quality display that does not have any shadowing or “hot spots”.  Hot spots occur when the lighting in the display is not even and you can see shadows or uneven lighting on your graphics.  Purchase a light box that’s at least 4 inches thick to ensure there is enough room for the light to evenly disperse throughout the display.  Also, look for light boxes that have the LED lights mounted in the frame of the display.  Steer clear of waterfall lights that hang behind the graphics and often cause uneven light and shadows on the graphics themselves.

Before purchasing a backlit display, check with the trade shows you plan to attend and make sure you will have access to electrical outlets.  Most events should offer access to electricity, but a few might not so it is important to check.  Another thing to consider before purchasing a backlit display is that some backlit displays might take longer to set up.  To avoid longer set up and tear down times, consider purchasing tool-less backlit displays.  Tool-less backlit displays can be set up quickly and easily–saving you a lot of time and money.

Purchasing a 10 x 20 Backlit Display
When deciding whether or not to purchase a 10 x 20 backlit display, consider your goals.  If you would like an exhibit that stands out and increases traffic to your booth while maximizing your return on investment, a backlit display is a good option for you.  Backlit displays dramatically increase visibility without having to increase the size or change the layout of your booth very much.  To find out more about these striking 10 x 20 backlit displays, contact ExpoMarketing.  We would be happy to answer all of your questions.