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Are Backlit Trade Show Displays Worth It?

Making your booth stand out in an exhibition requires you to come up with great content in terms of display items and aids such as banners. Another essential idea you can consider is to illuminate your booth to make it more visible and attract more attention.

Backlit trade show displays are a common way of presenting your ideas to reach a broader audience in an exhibition, but are they really worth the extra penny?

How Backlighting Can Enhance Your Trade Show Display

A backlit trade show display, not only gains attention but also introduces your brand to people in a creative way. This means that people will be interested in finding out what your brand is all about.

Quality backlighting provides even lighting in your entire booth, making it a visual focal point at the show. They are perfect for promoting your brand and raise awareness about its existence.

Advantages of Using Backlit Trade Shows Displays

The following are reasons why you should consider backlighting for your trade show booth;


Backlight displays are highly visible, even from a distance. This is key in promoting your brand to reach a greater audience at an exhibition, thereby giving you an added advantage over your competitors at the show.


At a trade show exhibition, backlighting your display will differentiate your brand from others at the function; therefore, your brand stands out among the rest. It will also make the brand memorable for the attendees.

Complement Design

A great backlit display highlights the features of your presentation; images and colors. Highlighting these features make the display look natural and professionally done, thereby creating a good impression for the viewers.

Pros of Using Backlit Trade Shows Displays


Backlit displays can remain in perfect condition for about 3-5 years. You can also recycle the displays to use on other backlighting purposes, therefore cost-efficient.


Backlit trade show displays are not as expensive as they seem. You can get one customized for your brand by ExpoMarketing at a pocket-friendly price.

Considering that they are durable and recyclable, they are a good deal for your booth.


You can easily customize the displays to suit a particular event or meet specific needs. You can change the size of the frame and the graphics.


Backlit displays are light in weight, making their assembly and transport easy.

Disadvantages of Using Backlit Trade Shows Displays


When you acquire low quality backlit displays, there may end up causing uneven distribution of light; therefore, some parts will appear brighter than others.


Backlit trade show displays are a good investment for marketing your brand during expos and exhibitions. The displays ensure that your brand stands out, giving you an upper hand and an advantage over your competitors.

Contrary to popular view, backlit trade shows are quite affordable, and have numerous advantages. Indeed, these displays are worth investing in for your brand promotion.

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