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What Parts Make Up a Pop Up Display?

Pop up stands are a type of trade show booth made up of a frame and PVC graphic panels. The panels make it ideal for a company to stand out at a trade show, event, or exhibition. With creative colors and designs, a popup stand can form an excellent backdrop, wall, or message board. In this post, we explore the parts that make up a popup display.



What Are The Parts That Make up a Popup Display?

While pop up displays continue to rise in popularity, most exhibitors have little knowledge about how they work. In this post, we explore the parts that make up a popup display.


  1. The Frame: The main part of a pop up display is the frame. Pop up displays are designed with collapsible aluminum frames that draw up to reveal a wall structure. The frame could be self-locking or have locking arms that hold it together. Also, depending on the design of the display, the frame structure could be straight or curved.
  2. Struts: Struts are another pop up display part. They are also called channel bars. They are plastic or metal bars attached to the hubs of the frame. They add support to the structure and provide attachment spots for the graphics. Struts include a flat magnet face into which the graphics are stuck to the frame. They can be ordered as single units or a connection of three hinged bars.
  3. Panels: The panels are the pop up display part that is also called the skin. They contain the graphics to be displayed on the popup display. Panels are flexible and can attach to the front and sides of the frame. They are also designed to accept detachable graphics with hooks on the side. You can use several panels to create a single color or picture graphic. Once hooked, the combined panels look like a seamless wall or graphic. On the back edges, panels have flat magnets to help them snap in place.
  4. Accessories: Accessories create a dramatic effect on your display. These pop up display parts offer flexibility in terms of lighting, storage, and product displays. A typical popup booth will come with accessories such as:
    • Back-lit headers
    • Graphic-wrap headers
    • Detachable shelving
    • Detachable inkjet graphics
    • Spotlights LCD monitor holders
    • Additional accessories such as flooring, banner stands, director chairs, and brochure stands
  5. Lights: Pop up displays come with connection parts for spotlights. Some use special connectors while others attach to the top of the struts. The lights on a pop up display can be adjusted to suit different themes and locations.
  6. Packing Cases: Pop up displays are portable. They are usually shipped in packing cases. These pop up display parts usually have wheels and are often small enough to ship through common carriers. Generally, all the components of a pop up fit into the packing case. This includes the frame, struts, panels, lights, and a conversion kit. In essence, this makes pop up displays the most portable available in the market today.


What Is the Difference between a Pop up Display and Banner?

A banner stand is a portable display that holds one banner with a graphic on it. It generally is not as large as a pop up display and does not have any accessories or other pop up display parts that accompany it. Because it is smaller, you can set it up more quickly, and it is more portable than a pop up display. 


How-to Take Care of Your Pop Up Display

Pop up display parts need to be stored, transported, and assembled correctly, lest they get damaged. Make sure to roll the graphic panels with the printed side facing outwards. You should also always store the display in a sturdy case. When cleaning, use a damp cloth to clean any stains or dirt from the PVC graphic panels. You can use soapy water for tougher stains.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your pop up display, contact us today.

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