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Top 7 Amazing Merits of Modular Trade Show Displays

A company that commands presence on the trade show floor generates leads, increases revenue, and creates brand awareness. However, inflating your budget to achieve this will only lead to a low ROI. If you wish to make a great impression on a budget, modular displays are the way to go.

Modular trade show displays are popular in the trade show world for more than just their cost-effectiveness. They are lightweight, versatile, and customizable. If you are preparing for your next event, there are numerous benefits you can garner from a modular display.


How Is a Modular Display Ideal for Your Brand?

Modular displays come in different attention-grabbing configurations. They provide attendees with an unforgettable experience without breaking your bank in the process. Any business looking to dominate the trade show floor using limited resources should definitely go for this option.

Here are the top reasons why. Modular displays are:


Perhaps the most notable benefit of modular displays is their budget-friendliness. Despite packing a significant visual impact, these booths are relatively affordable. Also, because of their durability, they present fewer damage costs over their usage period.

Their cost-effectiveness does not affect quality, however. You can still entice a steady stream of traffic to your booth without blowing your budget.


Modular trade show displays are universal. Are you a startup business looking to establish yourself in the industry? Is your company launching a new service or product? Are you celebrating a significant milestone? Whatever message you wish to capture, a modular display will convey it to trade show attendees effectively.

With minimal customization, you can create a buzz around your goals and have crowds flocking to help you achieve them.


If your company participates in multiple shows a year, a modular display is the best option for you. Because of their several size configurations -20×20, 10×20, and 10×10- you can use them in different-size exhibits.

Their structural versatility allows you to alter their configurations, recycle graphics, and reconfigure the features to fit your new space allocation.  


Modular displays come with a variety of elements such as frames, shelves, tabletops, and lighting. As such, you can customize them to fit your preference. You can tailor the skin of your display, for instance, to feature different forms of signage such as graphics, taglines, or logos.

You can further reorganize your message from show to show to address specific audiences for maximum impact.


Modular booths are made from lightweight materials that demand minimal installation planning. As a result, these custom trade show displays are easy to carry and transport. They pack into compact units that function on their own and can be moved and set up by one or two people. Consequently, employees can travel individually and set up on their allocated space.


Repeated assembly and transportation can wear out traditional displays. Modular trade show displays, however, and specifically designed to hold up to harsh conditions. They are engineered from heavy-duty material such as fiberglass or aluminum, and its fabrics are made from tough nylon or polyester.

Due to their durability, modular booths are an excellent long term investment.

Space Efficient

Still not convinced that a modular display is an asset to your company? Another merit these booths possess is their ability to save space. Modular displays have a sleek design that allows space for interaction with prospects and product display.

As a bonus, you can place panels around your display strategically to guide visitors to your desired destination.  

Wrapping Up

Trade shows are expensive. You don’t need to blow your bucks on a display too. Modular trade show displays provide you with all the tools you need to implement your marketing strategies and take your business to the next level.

If you wish to stand out at your next event, contact ExpoMarketing today and learn why our clients dominate the trade show scene.