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Trade Show Display Lights

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to achieve marketing success. Trade show displays are one way through which you can attract new clientele without speaking many words. The portable trade show displays on offer from our ExpoMarketing team will make your brand easy to spot at first sight and attract attention to your booth. One way of generating interest in your booth is by installing display lights that will create a unique ambiance in your space. Contact us to create the best trade show display lights that will help your company achieve its marketing objectives.

The options available when it comes to Booth Illumination

If you want your booth to stand out in any exhibition, you will need to come up with strategies that will attract as many visitors. Banners are one way of creating great content that will communicate with the target audience. However, if you want your booth to be visible from afar, then illuminating your booth becomes vital.

At ExpoMarketing, we have backlit trade show displays and custom lightboxes. These are great ways through which you make the graphics on banners stand out in an exhibition. We create eye-catching lightboxes that are energy efficient because they use LED illumination.

  • Portable lightboxes

We focus on the portability of our backlit lightboxes to make it easy for you to carry from one place to another. Our lightboxes are compact and designed to fit with cases for easy transportation. Many times, you will be required to set up in a short time, and we ensure that assembling is straightforward by pre-installing the LED lights on the frame.

  • Retail Store lightboxes

These are lightboxes that can be used in your office space. You can choose from wall-mounted or freestanding lightboxes that will transform your office space and compliment your company’s brand. Our lightboxes are not only bright but also energy efficient.

  • Custom size or shape lightboxes

When it comes to exhibitions, the creativity behind a trade show display can be the difference between success or failure. We, therefore, aspire to produce lightboxes that are unique to your brand. You don’t need to have the typical lightboxes that have been around for ages. At ExpoMarketing, we can design a custom lightbox, according to the size, shape, and your company’s brand features. You will have a lightbox straight from your imagination that will match every aspect of your business.

  • Lightboxes with accessories

New lightboxes need to have some accompanying accessories that add to the exciting ambiance you are trying to create. The most common accessories are monitor mounts and product shelves. Our ExpoMarketing trade show displays come fitted with waterfall racks, acrylic shelves, and monitor mounts. The monitor mount can hold a 50″ television comfortably.

Lightboxes have the capability of transforming your trade show display booth. You will enjoy visibility, distinction, and compliment your design in a way never imagined. They are cost-efficient, durable, portable, and easily customizable. You will, therefore, be able to have a unique presence on any exhibition you attend. At ExpoMarketing, we focus on the client’s satisfaction by producing high-quality trade show display lights. Contact us today and let us be part of your company’s success.



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