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Trade Show Pedestal Display

ExpoMarketing offers a wide variety of trade show pedestal displays, including acrylic, pedestals, wooden pedestals, and table-top and floor-standing laminate. These portable trade show displays are available in sets or individually, and they offer a secure and stylish presentation for your products. Preferred by residential and corporate clients and galleries, our display pedestal alternatives attract the attention of viewers while letting your products express their stories.

Graphic art pedestals are suitable for use in private and public spaces, for decoration, architecture, or marketing. They are available in glossy and dull finishes with or without covers to deliver products that suit both your aesthetic and budget.

Benefits of display pedestals

A trade show pedestal display places your products at the perfect height to attract attention to your products without seeming to occupy your visual space. Motivated by the endless creativity linked with them in modern and vintage displays, ExpoMarketing provides a variety of laminate, wooden, and acrylic pedestal displays that enhance your trade show marketing booth.

Height is another benefit of pedestal displays as a design element in exhibitions. They make your space appear larger and attract the attention of the attendees. Pedestal displays raise items to the level of your eyes.

How can you use pedestal displays to showcase your distinctive items?

You can utilize a display pedestal as a center of attention for a supreme trade show display. When it comes to customizing a display pedestal to suit your needs, imagination and space are your only restraining elements.

With various textures, finishes, and shades to choose from, trade show experts recommend that you consider your product to ensure harmony between the color and appearance between it and the pedestal on which it will rest. Your pedestal should always be able to accommodate the weight of the product is holds, reducing the need to drill the base or the pedestal itself. Our strong pedestal stands inspire complete confidence as they are able to hold just about any product you can think of placing on them.

Also, it would help if you considered letting your display products speak on their own by putting them on clear acrylic pedestal displays. Acrylic display accents offer an ultimate neutral blending into any color pallet.  Their minimized visual impression appears and disappears as needed to offer both a stylish whisper and a bold statement.

Regardless of the type of product you are marketing, trade show display pedestals make excellent displays in your exhibition booth. They attract the attention of any attendee who looks at them.

Creative ideas to use your pedestal

You can utilize your display pedestal in the following ways:

  •       Form a table collection utilizing one or more pedestal displays to add height and texture
  •       If you don’t have enough table space or a floor lamp, you can use a white pedestal and a matching table-top lamp to resolve your problems.
  •       Highlight an attractive product arrangement by putting them on lighted display pedestals.
  •       Group your display in an odd number to guide the eyes of the attendees across your products constantly.

At ExpoMArketing, we take pride in ensuring our clients get high-quality trade show pedestal displays that suit their needs. Please browse through our catalog of trade show display pedestals and choose the one that suits your needs. If you are not sure of what you need, please contact our support team to help you decide the best option for your specific products or services.

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