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Why You Should Consider Using Aluminum Trade Show Displays for Your Next Exhibition

If there’s one thing that I can say with certainty with regards to the client’s expectations is the need for multipurpose trade show displays. ExpoMarketing has specialized in designing and manufacturing customizable trade show displays that are affordable and of high quality.

This demand for multipurpose displays has led to an increase in aluminum extrusion in the design process. The insistence on customized rental displays has also contributed to the popularity of aluminum-based displays.

The design process for Aluminum Trade Show Displays

Aluminum extrusion involves the transformation of aluminum alloy into a more stable and reliable stress state that makes it malleable. This process allows the production of cross-section shapes such as tubes and rods. When constructing aluminum frames, one can use wood, fabric, and even plastic walls inside; during the extrusion process.

Additionally, due to aluminum’s flexibility, one only needs to change extrusion tools making the die operation an efficient and straightforward process. Aluminum alloy allows for a short and convenient production process.

At ExpoMarketing, the Account Executive finds out the client’s wishes and requirements before starting the design process. This will then inform the aluminum extrusion process. The designers could either use positive extrusion, converse extrusion, or even reverse extrusion.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion for Trade Show Displays

  •         High-Quality Displays

The aluminum extrusion process involves quenching and aging, thereby increasing the quality of extruded products compared to those made form rolling or even forging. What’s more, is that aluminum extrusion provides high accuracy and excellent surface quality in products.

  •         A variety of products

Aluminum extrusion allows the production of an extensive range of products. The ability to create cross-section shapes is a unique characteristic of this process that can’t be replicated in other plastic processing techniques.

  •         Simple process

Aluminum extrusion is a short and straightforward process that requires a few pieces of equipment and fewer investments compared to other processing methods. The molding process is also efficient and less time-consuming.

  •         Lightweight

Aluminum is 1/3 the density of steel and is, therefore, an excellent raw material. Its lightweight feature allows higher speeds and less energy consumption during the design process

  •         Durable

Aluminum is both reusable and recyclable. It not only retains all the characteristics of the original metal but also requires only 5% of the energy used in the initial production. This low energy recyclability and a high rate of scrap value make aluminum extrusion a highly economical and sustainable design process.

Aluminum Hanging Structures

Hanging structures are one of the most popular aluminum-based trade show displays. Hanging signs are aluminum structures that are covered in a fabric that hangs from the ceiling. These structures are an innovative way of getting more attendees to visit your stand at a trade show.

Benefits of Aluminum Hanging Structures

  • Automatically raise brand awareness

You may find that your booth is located at a corner and need to be seen. Hanging structures offer a 3600 angle that provides visibility from all corners of the trade show venue.

  • Simple Installation

Aside from offering high impact, hanging signs are safe and easy to install. They require fewer tools, making them very efficient.

  • Inexpensive

Trade show stands can be costly to hire as well as install. They are also bulky. Therefore, hanging structures are a great alternative if you are on a tight budget.

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