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How to Make Your Trade Show Banner Outstanding

A banner is an important tool that not only attracts people to your booth but also communicates your idea to potential clients. A banner is a useful marketing tool as it targets the appropriate audience in a show and makes it easy for people to remember your brand.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your banner outstanding to generate more traffic to your booth;

Trade Show Banner Materials

Consider using a flexible banner as it is easy to transport to the exhibition venue without getting damaged.

Choose a banner that can withstand harsh weather conditions; an Eco-solvent banner is waterproof and does not fade when exposed in the sun. On the other hand, water-based banners can quickly fade or be damaged by water

Banner Background

The items you put on your banner background greatly influence the number of people that visit your booth. Here are some factors you should consider;

Simple Design

A good banner should be simple, especially with the texts. You should create one that is easy to read and displays the text boldly. Large texts will make the brand and description easy to remember for the audiences.

You should avoid wordiness on the banners, but create something that one could easily read through quickly as they pass by your booth.


Use bright colors on your banner to make your banner outstanding. Colors that are highly contrasting make the banner visible even from a great distance.


Filling your banner with multiple images may be tempting; however, this may dilute the visual impact since each seems to be competing for attention.

One large image is enough to create an effective point of focus.

Capitalize Your Brand

You can include your company name and logo on the banner to make it more familiar with people, especially when introducing a new product to the market.

People tend to be more comfortable with brands they are more familiar with than the newer ones, and this will draw more attention to your booth.

You should also include your contact details to help more people reach out.

Trade Show Banner Mounting

When displaying your banner, ensure that it doesn’t sag or isn’t blown by the wind. This is crucial in ensuring the audience can accurately read the information on your banner.

Using grommets, at least one foot apart prevents the sagging, then holds it down with PVC or aluminum pipes. Alternatively, you could rent or buy a banner stand.

During the mounting, ensure that your banner is visible. You could look at it from outside the booth to ensure it is properly mounted. 

To ensure successful representation of your brand, you can check out trade show banner displays at ExpoMarketing


To ensure the effective marketing of your brand, consider getting a good banner that is durable. Also, ensure that it’s visible by enhancing the background using bold texts and contrasted images. Finally, mount your banner in a way that it is easy to see and read.

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