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What are the Different Types of Portable Trade Show Displays?

Of all the different types of portable trade show displays you could choose from, those that are portable offer some of the most benefits. Portable trade show displays have something to offer all businesses, whether you are attending your first trade show or you have lost count of the number you have been to. There are many different types of portable trade show displays you can choose from and the one right for you will depend on your budget and the needs of your business. Below are some of the most common types of portable trade show displays.


What are Portable Trade Show Displays?


Everyone knows the basic definition of ‘portable’ is something that is easy to carry or move about. In the world of trade shows, though, that definition is expanded to include items that are also easy to set up and take down. From banner stands to fabric displays to pop-up displays, there are many different types to choose from. Many types have a storage system built right into them, while others rely on cases and accessories for safe shipping and storage.


Banner Stands


Banner stands are just that. They are banners that stand on their own and can be displayed on their own or in combination with other stands and displays. Banner stands typically have a retractable base the banner fits into when it is not in use. This keeps the banner and graphics in top shape while also providing an easy way to transport and ship these models. Of all the different types of portable trade show displays available today, banner stands are perhaps the most common.


Fabric Displays


Fabric displays can be used on their own as a banner, or they can be used to fit over other structures, such as tables and countertops. When using fabric banners, they can be used on their own or they can be used in conjunction with each other to send a more comprehensive message. When fabric displays are fitted over other structures, an aluminum bar fits easily over top and underneath to keep it tight and wrinkle-free. Fabric displays can also be used on their own or in conjunction with another type, such as a table display.


Pop-Up Displays


Pop-up displays are just that. A frame structure pops up and panels of PVC graphics are attached to the frame. Pop-up displays are also often stored in a case, which not only protects the display but also acts as a podium during the event. Pop-up displays have many different elements depending on your needs. These include inset monitors, backlighting, and shelving.


Call Us to Learn what Portable Trade Show Display is Right for You

Portable trade show displays for conferences are a great way to get your brand noticed. At ExpoMarketing Group, we can advise you of your options and help you determine which one is right for your brand. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to get more information.

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