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5 Important Elements in Your Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows are busy and competitive environments. To draw the attention of the crowds and have a successful experience, you must make the most out of your budget and space. Below, our trade show booth experts outline five important elements of trade show booth designs so you can boost engagement at any exhibition.


Identify Your Goals

Having a great trade show booth starts even before it is constructed or assembled. Before you even contact a design team, you must identify the goals you want your booth to achieve. Start by outlining the purpose of your booth.

If you want to boost brand awareness, for example, you should put most of your effort into creating dynamic visuals. On the other hand, if you want guests to think of you as an authority on a subject, you may want to use product demonstrations that can convey that idea. Once you establish a goal, all the other elements of your trade show booth will fall into place.


Create an Environment that is Welcoming

Signage and branding is important, but you always want your trade show booth to be a welcoming place where attendees can come together, talk, and catch their breath. A simple reception counter with a friendly host or hostess can make sure guests feel welcome and make them want to spend some more time in your booth. A casual approach, comfortable seating, and refreshments are also great ways to make sure your booth is welcoming.


Create Visuals with an Impact

It is important that your designs are eye-catching, but they must also reflect your brand. For example, a single image of a huge soaring eagle will catch the eyes of your guests but if it has nothing to do with your brand or story, it is fairly pointless. On the other hand, you also do not want to cover every single inch of space with a long and complicated explanation of your story. Find the balance between attention-grabbing visuals along with your message for displays that will be most effective.


Use Elements that Work Together

You not only need to consider what elements you want in your booth, but also whether they work together. For example, if you want to focus on one-on-one interactions, you do not also want to have loud music that will make it difficult to speak to guests. Make sure that any element in your trade show booth not only works on its own, but also with all the other elements in your display.


Reuse as Many Elements as Possible

Going from trade show to trade show is good for business, but it can also become expensive. Focus on using elements that can be reused from show to show. Not only will this save money in your budget, but it will also make for a more sustainable booth, which is something trade show attendees look for today.


Our Trade Show Booth Experts Can Advise On Your Display

At ExpoMarketing, our trade show booth experts know the elements that make for dynamic displays and can incorporate them into your space so any exhibition you attend is a success. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more.