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Design Trends for Your Trade Show Booth in 2023

Marketing your products or services at a trade show is very exciting, but it can also be intimidating. With so many competitors with eye-catching booths, it is difficult to know how to stand apart. The best way to separate yourself from the crowd is to know what trends are being used, and what visitors are looking for. Below are some of the biggest design trends you can use in your trade show booth for conferences that will keep the visitors coming.


Multi-Sensory Designs


It is well-known that purchases are directly tied to emotions, so it is important to be creative when tapping into them. There are many designs that engage multiple senses, including:

  • Video walls: A video wall is an animated display that visitors at your booth can engage and interact with. Touch screen monitors are very common at trade shows and they allow visitors to interact with your brand in an interesting way.
  • Interactive cutouts: An interactive cutout is a great place for visitors to interact with your booth in a playful and fun way. For example, if you sell flowers, create a large cutout that customers can stand behind. The image could be of a person holding a bouquet with their face cut out so customers can stand in their place and take pictures.
  • Virtual reality: VR stations are very common at trade show booths today and they can get visitors interested in your product while also giving them a memorable experience.


Go Natural


Trade show visitors spend a lot of time walking around booths that all generally look the same. If you can make them feel as though they are in a more natural space, it can create interest in your booth. For example, use natural materials such as living plants, reclaimed wood, and flooring that looks like stone. You can take this even further and create an entirely different world for visitors to step into. A theme involving the outdoors or nature will be very effective.




Of course, graphics are nothing new to the world of trade shows, but they are still one of the most effective ways to market your company and create interest in your booth. Some of the best ways to use graphics in your booth include:

  • Multi-dimensional banners: Banners and wall stands are only effective if they are interesting. Use multi-layered backdrop panels with smaller panels in front and use different heights, shapes, and sizes to add more texture into the display.
  • Flooring: Your floor is not just a place for visitors to walk. It can also incorporate graphics such as your company’s logo, or a picture of the product. When choosing flooring, get creative with it!
  • Lighting: Lighting does set the mood so use different types, varying colors, and appropriate placements to use yours the most effectively.

Our Trade Show Booths are Always On Trend

At ExpoMarketing Group, we know that trends are not reserved for the fashion world alone. It is why we always create trade show booths that are on trend, creative, and that will always get your message across. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or reach out to us online to learn more.

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