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What Furniture to Include in Your Trade Show Booth for Conferences

Investing in a trade show booth is a great way to market your business, but there is more to success than just that. Many businesses focus on the displays, graphics, and videos they will use. These, of course, are very important, but you should also not overlook the importance of having the right furniture. Below are some of the most important types of furniture to include in your booth.


Kiosks and Display Counters


Of all the types of furniture that are important to your booth, kiosks and display counters are central to the entire operation. Display counters and kiosks act as a focal point and they grab the attention of visitors. Kiosks and counters offer attendees a place where they can gather to look over your product or ask questions. You also do not have to rely on boring counters and kiosks. Consider tension fabric counters, curved reception counters, illuminated counters, and modular display counters to really add texture and interest.


Towers and Display Cases


It is one thing to bring innovative merchandise and products to trade shows. Unfortunately, they will not do you much good if visitors cannot see them. Using towers and display cases can help with that. If you use them correctly, they can draw the attention of visitors from across the exhibition space. Towers and display cases can also bring your products up to eye level, making it easier for visitors to concentrate on them.


Display Tables


While kiosks, towers, and display cases are important, you also cannot discount the importance of display tables. A table is not only a great place to display your products, but it can also serve as additional advertising space. By pairing them with a printed fabric displaying your logo or message, a simple table can create a lasting impression.


Comfortable Chairs


Your trade show booth should be an inviting environment. Visitors will feel more relaxed and spend more time in your booth if you provide them with comfortable seating. Studies have shown that customers and visitors will stay longer if they have a comfortable place to sit. That means more time for them to learn about your company and your product.


Furniture Sets


If you are going to have consultations at the trade show, a furniture set is a must. Furniture sets provide a way to move visitors out of the hustle and bustle of the show, and even your booth, so you can speak to them more privately and in a quieter setting. Partitions set up around furniture sets can also provide for a quieter setting where visitors can ask questions and you can provide them with more information.


Learn More About What to Include in Your Trade Show Booth

Setting up a trade show booth takes a great deal of thought and foresight. At ExpoMarketing Group, we know what makes a great trade show booth and can create one for you that will draw in the crowds. Call us now at (949) 250-3976 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.